We take reading so seriously that we make children laugh!

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About us

La casita roja was born in September 2016 aiming to create new readers, setting therefore humor as one of our list’s common threads: if we want children to read —such an essential habit and skill for our development and our happiness—, making them laugh is a great way to encourage them. However, we don’t want to provide just funny books: we search exciting stories and high quality texts and illustrations, and we want kids to learn something as well, so that reading our books is a complete experience.
We will choose carefully every book.
We want children to have fun and discover beauty in books.
We want them to realize reading is a big pleasure and to grow fond of it.
They shall always learn something about themselves and about the world, with some (hidden) message.
We will offer most carefully edited books.
We will avoid all kind of paternalizing and respect our young audience.
We want our books to please boys and girls equally.
We will enjoy the handicraft dimension of our profession.
We will look for innovative and attractive promotion ways.
We will support local industry, never printing abroad.